The nature is necessary for human existence and good quality of life. Most of the benefits of nature for human beings are irreplaceable or can hardly be substituted. Biodiversity builds the nature capital which benefits the economy and society. The advantages of an intact biodiversity include:

  • Supplying benefits: products derived from ecosystems, like food, water, wood/raw materials, energy sources, medicine

  • Regulatory functions: benefit resulting from the regulation of ecosystems, like cleaning of air and water, climate regulation, reduction of floods, erosion protection


  • Cultural benefits: non-material benefit which is achieved by ecosystems, like the fulfilment of aesthetic, spiritual and intellectual demands, recreation, cultural heritage

  • Supportive benefits: benefits which are required for the production of all other ecosystem benefits, like pollination, primary production, soil formation, nutrient cycle


Therefore the preservation of biodiversity as a whole is of central significance. Overexploitation of the soil and intensive, industrial monoculture agriculture is not worth considering for us and we understand sustainability as follows: “Treat the earth in such a way, as if we would stay for good.”

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