Desta's Coffee

Only unique and carefully hand-picked coffee cherries make it into your cup. Top-class beans that grow organically at over 2000 meters in the highlands of Ethiopia. Exactly the 1 in 1 million that ever makes it.


Our coffees are pure premium coffees, for which we use exclusively 100% Arabica beans. They originate from the true source of coffee and are grown in a natural environment at over 2000 meters above sea level in the southwest of Ethiopia (KEFA/KAFFA). The fertile soils, the wild varieties and the climate in the rainforest offer the best conditions for aromatically diverse coffee beans.


The heirloom plant, variety or so-called heirloom crop and heirloom vegetable is the name of a cultivar/variety that was usually cultivated in earlier periods in the history of mankind, but is not used in industrial agriculture.


The varieties for our coffee belong to the so-called original or hereditary varieties, which were cultivated before the industrialization (of agriculture) and the diversity was enormous. With modern and industrial agriculture, only certain varieties were used to be able to plant, especially in large monocultural constructs, in order to achieve certain stability/constancy. The common varieties were selected mainly to generate the highest possible yield.

Heirloom (varieties) are now the counter-trend to modern, industrial agriculture and are experiencing a rebirth. Especially in the global south, the cultivation of heirloom plants is still widespread. Until prior to World War 2, these varieties were also the most common in the United States.

More and more communities are joining together with the goal of preserving and re-cultivating these diverse varieties.


Typically, heirlooms have been highly adapted to climate, soil conditions and other environmental conditions. Because of their genetic makeup, they typically have a higher resistance to pests, diseases and severe weather.

«Forest coffee, directly from Kaffa the Ethiopian rainforest»

Desta's Coffee

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