Arabica Beans

Heirloom varieties, the hereditary fruits of the Arabica variety. This is exactly what you will find in our coffee. A wild symphony of nature.


Ethiopia is the home of the Arabica coffee gene pool (Coffea arabica rubiacaeae). Until today the country has an enormously big genetic diversity of the sort Arabica. One may claim that Ethiopia produces the best coffee of this sort. presumably the use of the plant as stimulant is older than  Ethiopian Christianity. First of all, tea was prepared from the leaves of the plant, as it is still popular in parts of South Ethiopia today. Arabica is regarded as the most high-quality bean. For this reason it is preferred in the cultivation and cultivated in small plantations in most of the tropical countries for export purposes today; unlike the heat-resistant and faster growing coffee sort Robusta Arabica is characterized by a more sophisticated taste and a slightly lower caffeine content.


The legends of origin of coffee have survived, which were orally passed on by oriental storytellers. The mostly believed and distributed original legend of coffee is the one of the shepherd Kaldi.


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