We strive to produce and compose the best coffee from the true source, the birthplace of coffee in Kefa Ethiopia, based on the most sustainable methods in the world.

Crema beans

from CHF 19.00.–

Espresso beans

from CHF 19.00.–

Crema ground

from CHF 19.50.–

Espresso ground

from CHF 19.50.–

Espresso capsules

from CHF 13.–

Lungo capsules

from CHF 13.–

Coffee can

CHF 22.–

Only 1 in 1 million beans make it to Desta's Coffee and into your cup.

Desta Daniel Kebede


We personally know our farmers and have a presence on-site. This way we guarantee cooperation at eyelevel.


Wild animals are widespread in our coffee regions and we take special responsibility for this coexistence.


Each coffee bean is carefully hand-picked at the optimum point of maturation.

Wild Coffee

Our coffee originates from the Ethiopian rainforest (Kaffa), where it naturally thrives under perfect environmental conditions. Our coffee is a colourful melange of heirloom varieties.


A wild flora is intact and prospers very diversely. The wide diversity of various plants is the prerequisite for a sustainable agriculture for us.


Our diverse Arabica varieties, grown on natural and rich soils, are refined into a symphony of taste by means of our gentle long-term roasting.


Brand new at Desta’s Coffee, there are now also samples. Try before buying is the name of the game. Order your free capsules, ground coffee or beans now and experience the unique taste experience of Desta's Coffee.




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